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February 24, 2009


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Hi Dale,

I like your take on the product owner. Your article shows the delicate role that the product owner has.

I think the choice of Product Owner can greatly affect a project. The balance between the stakeholders and the development teams needs to be maintained, to ensure the deliverables are being met to the customer satisfaction, but without reduction in quality which can be caused by overkill from an overzealous Product Owner. As you say, a 'collective benefit' needs to occur.


Jim Dale

So where's Nick Hodges blog?

Laura Brandau

Nice article and I especially agree with the point that the product owner needs to be the final decision maker, but will be supported by a myriad of contributors. For most projects, the product owner role would be way to cumbersome if one person was required to actually do all that was necessary to meet the accountabilities.


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